Car Hits House In North Charlotte

Good morning to you on this Thursday, the first day of November!  Plenty of news to tell you about when you join us from 4:30 to 7:00 AM.

Cam Man Ron Lee is covering breaking news right now.  He'll be live from the University City area of Charlotte where a car ran into a house overnight.  Very few details are available right now...Ron will bring us much more.

We're getting a much better look at the extent of the damage of super storm Sandy...from the North Carolina coast...all the way up the east coast into Maine.  Flooding is extensive.  President Obama has toured some of the worst hit areas in New Jersey.  We'll have all new video to show you what's happening.  There is some good news...New York City's major airports are opening today...and there's going to be limited bus and rail service.

Three people have been arrested in connection with the fire at a South Charlotte Goodwill store...that fire happened last February.

The NASCAR building in Uptown Charlotte has been sold.

Christine Nelson has an all-new See, Click, Fix story for you this morning...dealing with campaign signs!   She's looking into who's responsible for enforcing campaign sign rules.

Astrid Martinez has an all-new story this morning about a small business owner who found a creative way to make a profit, despite the tenuous economy.

It's a cold start to the day today.  What with all the snow in the mountains, there are delays at several school systems.  We'll run those down for you on the show.  And of course, Al Conklin will have your First Alert Weather forecast.

Plus...NBA action!  We'll have surprising start for a team that many folks thought would dominate after obtaining some major talent over the off-season.

And one last note...a heads up about TOMORROW!  I'll have a special story about an event taking place in Shelby...honoring law enforcement officers who've been through something none of us would ever want to face.  Find out what they're doing...and why it's so important.  Again, that's on Friday morning's show. sure to join us this morning for news that will help you get your day started off right...4:30 to 7:00 AM.  See you then!