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CMS giving schools some S.T.E.A.M.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte - Mecklenburg school (CMS) district wants to implement a new program inside some schools. It's called STEAM. That stands for Science, Technology Engineering, Arts and Math. It'll be a first for CMS. The district wants to try incorporating more Arts classes in those tough subjects.

"When you look at STEAM," Zone Superintendent Tyler Ream said. "It's the intersection of rigor and engagement - making sure the student is challenged, yet is enjoying themselves as they are learning."

Tyler thinks adding arts and drama classes to those challenging subjects could help boost academic achievement.

"What does it look like acting it out," Ream said. "And if we are experiencing what the characters are experiencing. That's a different level or comprehension and understanding."

The program would start at University Park Creative Arts School and First Ward Elementary. University Park principal Janice Davidson believes STEAM will increase enrollment at the school and prepare students for 21st century careers.

"We need the arts," Davidson said. "And we need great thinkers and creators and innovators, so STEAM education is important and it lends itself to engagement that we want our boys and girls to be involved in."

Davidson thinks having students focus on arts and science at the same time will take them to the next level. She believes students in arts classes have what it takes to succeed.

"It requires a lot of time," the principal said. "Talent, expertise, and obedience to practice, to work on your diction whatever it is you love."

But the principal adds having that technology background too, will take students over the top.

The principal says when her students enter the job market they will have to create jobs, possibly start a business in order to survive. And having that balance and foundation will help students thrive once they enter the job market.

"It will be a different tomorrow than you and I know." Davidson said.

There will be an added cost to implement this program. The district wants to talk to administrators, teachers and parents first before deciding how STEAM will operate in schools.

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