Historic Halloween and your trick-or-treating First Alert Forecast

Happy Halloween, this is Maureen O'Boyle writing to you from the WBTV newsroom where we're watching incredible rescues unfold in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy!

There are neighborhoods on fire. Families trapped in their homes by water are being airlifted to safety by helicopters.  We are getting more and more incredible images in the aftermath of Sandy.  While the damages in the northeast are in the tens of billions of dollars, North Carolina ski slopes are reaping the rewards of the storm, opening to big crowds on this last day of October.

While we haven't even handed out our Halloween candy, it's time to think of those gifts you plan to ship to family and friends for the holidays!  We're protecting your family with details on new shipping scams that could cost your big time

And a father is behind bars tonight, charged with killing his infant child.  Details on what police know about the case.

Eric is tracking what's left of Sandy, and zeroing in on our area to see how cold it will get for the ghosts and goblins trick or treating tonight.

I hope you'll join Paul Cameron, Eric Thomas, me and the entire WBTV new team for all these stories and more tonight at 5:00pm.