Candidate Profile : Pat McCrory

Pat  McCrory has made lots of stump speeches in his quest to become our state's next governor, and the former Charlotte Mayor often preaches that jobs in North Carolina is the number one campaign issue.

"We have a broken economy in North Carolina we're the fifth highest unemployment rate in the nation," he said.

Help has come to his campaign from high profile republicans like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

McCrory,  who grew up in Jamestown North Carolina, is quick to point out that the tar heel state needs to find its place in a global economy.

He spoke at a recent technology convention in Charlotte and said, "we're not only competing against South Carolina Tennessee and Virginia. We're competing against Singapore, Frankfurt and China."

McCrory lost to Governor Beverly Perdue back in 2008, and has publicly blamed it on what he calls the Obama effect.

One thing to consider is this North Carolina political fact.

No former Charlotte Mayor in recent memory has been elected to statewide office.

Harvey Gantt, Richard Vinroot, and Sue Myrick all tried in unsuccessfully senate and gubernatorial contests.

Mc Crory hopes linking Democrat Walter Dalton to the current governor will improve his chances.

"Our governor and Lt. Governor during the past four years have acted as though everything is just fine in North Carolina, when there are far too many people who are graduating from our schools and moving back in with their parents," he said.

If McCrory's strategy works, he may get the chance to move into the governor's mansion.