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CMS partnering with jurisdictions to create affordable housing

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte - Mecklenburg school (CMS) district board members are coming up with their state and local agenda. The board's local agenda includes having the school board partner with the seven surrounding municipalities to provide students' families safe and stable neighborhoods, more job opportunities, affordable housing and sustainable economic conditions.

Board members believe this will help boost academic achievement. And it will help give shelter to the nearly 4,000 students who are homeless in the district.

"You are not going to solve the problem," CMS school board member Richard McElrath said. "Until you get people living in communities that have the per capita income - in order to have the amenities they need to be successful in public schools."

Board members believe students whose families struggle have a hard time succeeding in school.

There are several agencies that already help families get on their feet but the school board believes more can be done.

"We need to look at other ways to see if we can expand those partnerships," CMS School Board member Tim Morgan said. "Whether it's with the county or seven municipalities or other non profits in order for the neighborhoods those kids live in can be strong neighborhoods."

The board thinks by having candid conversations with local leaders can be beneficial to students.

"We have to get all of them to the table," McElrath said. "At the same time and say this is what the problem is."

The school board plans to vote on this agenda in November. Once approved it will take the message to the surrounding jurisdictions for their commitment.

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