Charlotte icon Moira Quinn battling breast cancer with a smile

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Moira Quinn says her doctor just dropped the dreadful words in her lap.

"Right before he did the needle biopsy he walked in and said, 'Well, you have breast cancer and we need to do a needle biopsy," Quinn says the doctor then rushed to schedule the biopsy over her lunch break, while the hurried words were still sinking in. The diagnosis came right in the middle of the Democratic National Convention.

Quinn started her career at WBTV and quickly became a well known face in front of the camera on the program, PM Magazine. She now works as the Senior Vice President of Communications for Charlotte's Center City Partners.

She says she decided to make her journey public because women need to know about her fortunate circumstance of catching the cancer in stage 2. "The outcome for me is, I'm going to be fine. If I had waited the outcome would not be the same and so early detection is the key," Quinn said of her yearly mammogram in which doctors discovered the lump in her breast.

Doctors have decided the best course of treatment is several months of chemotherapy, which begins October 31st. The fact that date coincides with Halloween doesn't escape the woman who seeks laughter in most every situation. "Who's idea was that?" she says with a hearty laugh. "My doctor is a comedienne, which that's one of the things I like about him."

The cancer is invasive and aggressive but Quinn says, treatable. Two weeks after she starts chemo, she will likely lose her hair. She's spent days picking out new wigs made of real hair to be highlighted and styled by Bradley of Groove Salon in Charlotte.

She looks at the start of her treatment as an adventure. And says each choice she's made since her diagnosis has centered around one question, "What choice do I need to make to live?"

Quinn says her attitude in fighting the disease is a choice. "I'm going to live," she says, "how can you not be happy with that?"