105 mph wind on Grandfather Mountain

Hello again everyone, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight at 5:00PM—hearbreaking pictures coming from the Jersey Shore after Superstorm Sandy ravaged the coast, causing destruction from Maine to the Carolinas, a distance of nearly one thousand miles.  In the words of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, "I never thought I'd see what I witnessed today."  Gov. Christie wanted a helicopter tour of the damages, but was told there was no place to safely land.

When all is calculated, Hurricane Sandy will wind up as the most costly storm ever in American recorded history—eclipsing Katrina on the Gulf Coast.

As anyone who's lived through natural disasters knows, now comes the real hardship for people who must find food, water, ice and gasoline all while doing without electricity and dealing with downed trees and water-soaked homes.  It may be weeks and months before life returns to somewhat normal.

In Charlotte, our airport is jammed with people and planes.  In the NC Mountains, people are dealing with snow and wind.  And while the coast took the brunt of Sandy's winds, Grandfather Mountain tonight reports they suffered a wind gust of 105 mph.

All this has put politics and next Tuesday's election on a back burner.  For some, it is a welcome respite.

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