Superstorm Sandy Wide Impact

Good morning to you on this Tuesday, 31 October 2012...from the WBTV News morning team... John Carter reporting to you this morning.

Hurricane Sandy is the top story of the day...and we're bringing you the most comprehensive coverage you'll find on television.  The huge storm is now being blamed for the deaths of 16 people in the United States.  Widespread flooding is being reported.  Businesses are shut down.  Wall Street is going to be closed for a second day.  Right now...more than six million people are without power across the east coast...and officials say it could be a week before every one gets power back.

It's not rain, but snow...and a lot of it...that's hitting North Carolina.  We'll show you what's happening as we have LIVE team coverage from the North Carolina mountains from Cam Man Ron Lee and Steve Ohnesorge.  We also have several school closings to tell you about.

We'll also be LIVE from Charlotte Douglas International Airport...where many people are stranded as flights to 20 airports in the northeast have been canceled.

Amtrak has suspended all of its northeast service...that impacts trains between Raleigh and Boston.

You'll see exactly what's happening weather-wise as meteorologist Al Conklin has the most complete, detailed forecast from the First Alert Weather center.  We're getting off to a windy, cold start to the morning.

We have much more other news to tell you about as well.  We have an update on the story of those two missing Catawba County teenagers whose bodies were found in their car in a river along I-20 in South Carolina.

Folks in South Carolina, who may be the victims of a massive hacking scheme, are being offered free credit monitoring.

And just as gas prices were going down...there's a possibility they may go up again as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Plus...we've got highlights from Monday night football.  And how about this...the NBA regular season gets underway today!

And a is Halloween!

Be sure to join us for those stories and so much more...when you join us from 4:30 to 7:00 AM today.  See you then!