promises to help you save

(Charlotte) WBTV With less than two months until Christmas, if you're shopping for a big dollar item, time is money.  You have got to search for bargains these days.  But there is a web site, that also has a mobile app that will do a lot of the work for you.

It's called  It ranks almost every product imaginable, from computers to gas grills.  They use a 0-100 ranking system based on customer reviews and expert reviews.  Using that information Decide will help you narrow down the field of items you might consider.

The next feature is the 'tell you when to buy and when not to buy'.  If Decide knows a particular desktop computer is going to be upgraded in six weeks, it knows, the older models will drop in price.  It uses historical information and other data to predict how low the price might go, and when.

If you become a member, for 4.99 a month of 29.99 for a year, it will also tell you where to buy for those lower prices.  It's like a combination of shopping search engine and consumer advocate.

But here's how they put their money where their mouth is.  If you purchase an item when Decide says is the right time to buy, and then that item drops to an even lower price within 14 days, Decide will mail you a check, or deposit to your PayPal account.  You must of course register your purchase with the site the day you bought the item.

When I asked Kim Hawkins of Charlotte who is shopping for a computer this Christmas she laughed,
"That's nothing when you think I pay 55 bucks for Costco and that's for a year, 4.99 cents is nothing."

Like any online membership programs remember to read the fine print and understand the contract you're getting into and understand the cancellation policy.

In the meantime, Happy Holiday shopping!