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Mom: 7-year-old forced to sit in soiled clothes at school


A Charlotte - Mecklenburg School (CMS) district mother is upset with the district.

Niki Gibson claims her second grader sat in school with soiled clothing and nothing was done to help her.

She reported the incident to the Department of Social Services (DSS).

"I entrusted her and gave my trust to the school to take care of her," the mother said. "And they failed."

Gibson says this week her 7-year-old daughter had an accident at Pineville Elementary. She says her daughter sat in her own waste for more than two hours.  The mother discovered the incident when she picked up her daughter from after school care.

CMS reports staff at the school didn't notice anything unusual.  The district also adds if staff detected a problem, they would have stepped in.

"It was extremely negligent on their part to not notice it," Gibson said. "It is their job to protect her. Their job to make sure she is safe and well taken care of."

The school system also says it is up to the student to alert an adult if there is a problem.  The mother has removed her child from Pineville Elementary.

No word from DSS on whether it will investigate.

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