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Young man selling doughnuts to help buy new prosthetic legs

For many of us, the full Krispy Kreme box represents unwanted calories, but in the case of Joey Funderburk the doughnuts offer hope.

The red, white and green boxes are often synonymous for fundraising. In this instance,the proceeds are earmarked to help him literally move forward.

You see Joey has no legs.

He was born in a Romanian orphanage with a birth defect that left him with virtually no legs, but now Joey Funderburk is hoping his leap of faith will lead to lasting strides.

"I'm trying to raise $120,000. My insurance won't cover me," the 20-year-old told WBTV on Friday.

He is standing on borrowed limbs, having outgrown his youth prosthetic legs.

"He is now 25-pounds over the weight limit that the legs were designed to hold," a website designed to help him reach his goal stated. "Consequently, he is falling almost daily."

His mother says the family is very grateful that he hasn't been seriously injured yet from these falls.

Joey's doctor says it is very dangerous for him to continue using legs designed for someone much smaller, because the knees tend to let go.  When this happens, he falls backward and can not catch himself.

Since the insurance company is saying no for an adult set, the South Carolina man is taking matters into his own hands.

"After two appeals to the insurance company, both of which were denied," the website says. "We have decided not to let the grass grow under Joey's feet."

Facebook is his way of tracking his many moves, and another website called

It is a journey that has brought it's share of admirers who want to help. One church may sponsor a fundraiser.

He welcomes the help, because this task is a tough one.

"I've got to sell thousands upon thousands of doughnuts, but sitting on the couch is not gonna get you a set of legs."

His family is keeping hope in a higher power.

"We know and trust that God will provide, as He always has."

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