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Waffle House attack caught on camera; 3 charged

Tamela Dyer (left), April Knowles (center) and Keyona Wakefield. (Greenville Police Dept.) Tamela Dyer (left), April Knowles (center) and Keyona Wakefield. (Greenville Police Dept.)

Three women were charged early Friday morning after an attack on a security guard at a Greenville restaurant was caught on camera.

The attack happened just before 2 a.m. at the Waffle House at 11 E. Stone Ave.

Police said that the three women, identified as 28-year-old Tamela Dyer, of Taylors; 23-year-old Keyona Wakefield, of Spartanburg and 27-year-old April Knowles, of Greenville, got into an argument with a security guard at the restaurant who had asked the trio to leave. They said that the women then attacked the 61-year-old security guard.

A FOX Carolina viewer sent in a link to YouTube video that reportedly was taken during the attack. It appears to show three women grabbing a security guard by his arm and throwing him to the ground. Two of the women then climb on top of the guard and hold him down. Patrons and employees of the restaurant then walk outside and order the women to get off the guard.

The viewer didn't want us to use his name but said whenever it seems something bizarre is going to happen he pulls out his camera. In this instance, he also tried to keep the situation from becoming more dangerous when the security guards gun fell onto the ground.

"I walked up and put it in my pocket," said the man. "I knew if one of the other ladies high in temper may have got it, something could have happened."

In the video, you hear someone tell the security guard to leave the women alone as they are being separated from him. You hear another person tell him not to hit a female. The security guard then goes inside the restaurant and locks the door while the women are kept outside by an employee.

Police arrive at the scene about two minutes and 20 seconds into the video.

Toward the end of the video, the women claim that the security guard hit one of them first. A police officer then asks to see the video.

Dyer, Wakefield and Knowles were each charged with assault by mob. Knowles was also charged with resisting arrest. All three were being held in jail on $5,000 bond.

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WARNING: This video contains language that may be offensive to some.

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