Undecided Voters Size Up Candidates At Mallard Creek Barbecue

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Pork and politicking made up the two themes of this year's Mallard Creek Barbeque.

The meet and greet attracted candidates from across the ballot.

Candidates from the 9th District congressional race were among those pressing the flesh with local voters.

Robert Pittenger was pitching his message regarding the economy.

We need to create jobs. We need to have a government that's fiscally accountable. So we can create jobs," he said.

His competitor Democrat Jennifer Roberts agrees that jobs is an issue, but she wants to see both parties work together.

She said, "People are also concerned that there is so much fighting going on. People are concerned about the great divide."

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Walter Dalton put in an appearance, but his competitor Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory was in other parts of the state.

Voters here seemed to be concerned about meeting candidates who are running without the 30 second spots.

Pam Harding was among the voters sizing up the candidates one on one.

She said, "I'd like to meet the candidates who don't have the big advertising budgets."

Others like Debbie Smith came seeking out specific candidates in non partisan races.

"The judges is an area that I hadn't decided. I thought I would come here and get better educated," Smith said.

This is the 83rd year for the Mallard Creek Barbecue.