See, Click, Fix: No plans for bridge to nowhere

We got this email in our See, Click, Fix inbox from a viewer, "Rocky Ridge Neighbor."

They write, "This mound of dirt has been sitting here waiting for the bridge to be built so that Rocky River (High) School is within code of having two exits from the school. When will this be built?"

The high school is on Clear Creek Commerce Drive, right near Clear Creek Business Park which is currently under construction.

You can enter the business park to go to the school.

WBTV's Christine Nelson found out from NCDOT, the developer of this business park is responsible for building the bridge to go over a set of railroad tracks there so school buses wouldn't have to cross the tracks directly.

But we are told the developer had trouble getting it approved.

So as it stands, no bridge is being built. All there is to show for it is a mound of dirt that has grown over with weeds.

NCDOT says it did create extra access to the Rocky River High by building extra turn lanes to the school on Rocky River Road and Blair Road.

DOT says it is satisfied with that right now and, it says, so is Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.

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