Non-profit coming to Charlotte to aid women business owners

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - At Three Little Birds stationary shop in Charlotte the chirping of the printing press machine is melodically crafting notes.

"The neighborhood where we are located in south end has been really supportive of us and they really helped to keep us in business, " said the stationary shop owner Kristen Stewart.

Five years ago when Stewart started her business these shelves weren't stocked with orders and this machine was not singing at all.

"It's been a rocky road," said Stewart.

"We started right when the economy tanked."

The self starter was new to the business world and says there weren't many resources available to help women.

"Just meeting other women who have been successful in business, learning how they were able to balance work and life, funding sources, and creative ways to market your business," said Stewart.

Today, there are many more opportunities and support systems to give women a leg up.

For example, Count Me In For Women's Economic Independence, an organization which provides women help with growing their business.

"They got their nose on the grindstone doing their business everyday and they don't necessarily look at their financial and they don't really have a road map for growth," said Neil Merlino, Founder and President of Count Me In for Women's Independence.

And not fall short of their male counterparts.

"We spend a lot of time talking about how to have a bigger vision for your business so that you can in fact start to attract the kind of people that you need both as customers and investors and as employees or contractors," said Merlino.

With mentoring services geared towards women, Stewart hopes to keep Three Little Birds nestled in profits.

Count Me In for Women's Economic Independence will be in Charlotte offering conferences for Women.

Urban Rebound-Charlotte Conference and Competition for Women

October 28-29, 2012 

The Westin Charlotte
601 South College Street - Charlotte, North Carolina

Registration is $49