Burke County Schools sued after girl molested

Hello again friends, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

Tonight at 11:00PM—a little girl says she was molested by her teacher, but she says when she told a guidance counselor, she was called a liar and sent back to her classroom to be molested again. That teacher pleaded guilty to molesting five children. Tonight, the girl's parents are suing the Burke County School System and the guidance counselor. Molly Grantham is digging into this 36-page lawsuit and will have fresh details after the Presidential debate tonight.

We also have an update tonight on a local charity using Zahra Baker's name. It's an investigation we first broke last week on WBTV. Several donors believe the man running the Zahra Clare Baker Memorial Foundation is not spending the money where advertised. Jim Julian has denied the charges and had until this afternoon to file paperwork that could allow him to collect public funds. We're told he met the deadline.

If you thought hurricane season ended when fall arrived, it didn't. Not one, but two tropical systems formed today. T.S. Sandy is organizing in the southern Caribbean, while tropical depression #19 has just begun in the south Atlantic. Kelly Franson has her tracking eye on the tropics.

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