For many Latinos watching presidential race, more questions than answers

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Latino community leaders in Charlotte say many of the issues they care about weren't fully addressed in the first two presidential debates.

So for many undecided Hispanic voters, this will be the final chance to see both candidates on a national stage before they make up their mind.

Latinos are an increasingly strong presence in North Carolina making up more than 13 percent of the population.

And in a race that is so close and where every vote counts these voters can really make an impact.

Hispanic voters say they care about issues such as immigration and Latin America.

They feel both candidates have targeted Latino voters in ads, but that they have been ignored in debates by the candidates as well as the moderators.

Another issue that greatly concerns Latinos is the economy.

Latinos have been greatly affected by unemployment.

"I want to hear what would be the first thing they would do to impact the Latino business community in our region in terms of the entrepreneurship," said Astrid Chirinos from Latin American Chamber of Commerce.

"What tools what opportunities, what access would they create, how are they going to facilitate growth and economic development for our Latino community?

"The community as well is very eager to hear because it is very dangerous to vote to be there in front of that decision without really knowing what the issues are and what their opinions are."

In battleground states like North Carolina, $11 million has been spent on ads targeting Hispanics.

That's eight times what was spent on Spanish-language ads in 2008.

Still little if any of that money is being spent with Charlotte's Spanish-language media.

Some consider this is a mistake for the parties.

Mecklenburg County is critical for winning the state, and has a large number of young Latino voters. It would be wise for both parties to consider that after the election.

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