Record turnout for early voting, some complain over ballot confusion

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Voters have turned in record numbers for early voting in Mecklenburg County, but some are complaining of problems with the machines.

According to the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections, more than 15,000 ballots Thursday. Officials say that number surpassed the first day of voting four years ago.

A WBTV viewer emailed us concerned the process could be confusing and that some may leave the voting booth without making sure their vote has really been cast.

We took those concerns to Michael Dickerson, director of the county's board of elections Friday. He took us through the process step-by-step

"It gives you instructions and prompts you all the way through the process," he said. "Make sure you mark selections, review your status and you cast your ballot."

Dickerson said the touch screen ballot, in use since 2006, shouldn't give voters any problems

"If you've ever used a teller machine or if you've ever used a touch screen on any sort of thing," he pointed out. "Checked in an airport, automated check in -- it's the same process."

Voters we talked to like Coleman Freeman who we caught coming out of an early voting location on Beatties Ford Road said he no issues.

"Once you complete it, it says confirm and you just confirm your ballot and that's the end of the process and they give you a little sticker that says you voted early," he said.

We asked Freeman if the touch screen format was at all confusing and he said no.

More importantly, Freeman said is exercising your right to vote.

"Nobody should stay home because of fear of not being able to use the machines," he said.

Latisha Dixon, another early voter agreed but admitted some might be confused.

"For me it was pretty clear, but I guess for our seniors it's a lot to read if you haven't voted before."

If you want to vote early, the last day to do so is November 3.

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