Zombies for hire: Businesses hope to cash in on Halloween

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - In the back woods of rural Caldwell County something is lurking in the cornfields.

Most people don't know the undead paintball and Horror fields lie here.

Think of a safari with zombies and paintballs that only comes around one time a year.

"Christmas is obviously the number one grossing holiday but Halloween is number two," said Horror Fields and Undead Paintball Owner Jaime Benge.

In a county that some consider an economic graveyard, creative business owners are looking to cash in and boost the local economy.

"Caldwell County's got an 11 percent unemployment rate," said Benge.

Anything from haunted trails, haunted houses and hay rides, there's big money to be made over Halloween.

Here the charge is $10 per person for the scare of your life and they're hoping a lot of people are looking for a good fright.

And no trick, there's another economic treat this horror site offers,jobs.

"We need a cast of about 35," said Benge.

It's certainly a unique job opportunity.

Zombies are for hire!

And to get the un-dead message out business owners use mainly by word of mouth and social media.

"Our advertising is mostly on the Internet because of our target audience is between 13 and 28." said Benge.

"Teenagers and young adults are on the Internet more than watching TV and listening to the radio."

Even though the employees are undead, this opportunity won't last forever.

"Hiring the undead is good because you don't have to feed them and they don't need many water breaks," said Benge.