Beloved homeless man struck by car and killed

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A beloved homeless man in Charlotte is being remembered for his heart of gold. The community affectionately called him "Chilly Willy" and he tragically died last night after he was struck by a car. WBTV's Cam Man Ron Lee has the details on what exactly happened, and the hard times he went through that brought him to living a life on the streets.

In the last several days we've been showing you surveillance images of a robber. In one case he forced a woman to withdraw money from a Charlotte ATM. There have been multiple arrests...all three suspects are minors!

Also, finding a job can be spooky. What if the requirement to get one meant you have to be spooky? WBTV's Astrid Martinez has details on some local hirings in our area you might be interested in.

Plus, want to hear some good jokes this morning? We'll have sound bytes from last night's Alfred Smith dinner where both President Obama and Mitt Romney had the crowd in stitches - at their opponent's expense, of course!

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