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Early Voting underway in North Carolina


Day one of early voting and election officials in Mecklenburg County say it has been extremely busy at the early voting sites.

"Two hours - that's how long I've been in line. I didn't know it was going to be this heavy so soon," Jamie Franklin of Charlotte told WBTV as he stood in line at the early voting site at University City Regional Library. Franklin says he wasn't upset about the wait.

County election officials say they put out 80 more direct record electronic voting machines this election than they did last election. They say no major problems were reported.

So why are people voting early?

Taylor Pinckey, a first time voter because of age, says "I've been waiting forever to vote in a presidential election and this is the first time I can do it. So I figured why not do it as soon as I can and be one of the first people to vote in North Carolina on the first day we can vote".

Carl Jorgensen says "early is better - for us anyway. I don't like to put things off".

For Jaywon Armstrong, "it's a great opportunity, makes it convenient for people with busy schedules. Today was the first day I was free. I decided to come out for first day of early voting".

Another early bird voter says "sometimes when you go early, you feel you have more time to make a decisions and look at the ballot really well".

Early voting ends Saturday November 3rd.

People who are eligible to vote but didn't register can do one stop at early voting sites. They can register to vote there, then vote.

Voters can cast their ballots at more than 350 early-vote locations statewide. Find a list of early voting locations near you here.

If you have not registered to vote, you can do it at an early voting site. Elections officials just ask that you bring proof of address. You can use your driver's license, a bill with your address or a bank statement.

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