PSI Monday: Progress for whom?

CLOVER, SC (WBTV) - Rusty Mobley lives on the outskirts of Clover. His land is family land and has been for generations.

"Hopefully one day there will be grandkids playing out here," said Mobley.

Mobley's uncle WJ Miller lives just up the road.

"Yep, we love it (here)," said Miller.

Miller looks to retire on the land, but his plans may be changing. Something called progress is knocking at the door with unwanted guests.

"Like the people back here dumping trash," said Mobley. "You don't know what they're dumping and (there are also) gunshots."

York County has a new plan for the land. Mobley, Miller and other property owners say no one talked to them before putting plans together for a new road. They say when they found out, they started asking questions, but made little progress getting answers.

"No sir," said Mobley. "That's why we called you."

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