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Mom wants answers from CMPD after son is victim of hit and run


The mother of a Charlotte boy wants answers from police after her son was the victim of hit and run accident.

According to the police report, Tyree's Adcock, 12 was struck by a car last Friday at the intersection of W.T. Harris Blvd. and the The Plaza Rd. Extension as he tried to cross the street.

The accident left him with a broken leg that's now encased a cast from his hip all the way to his ankle.

His mother, KC, frustrated someone would plow into him and then take off just wants answers.

"You don't just hit somebody, child, adult, elderly person and leave," she said. "I wouldn't even hit a dog and leave."

Tyree's admits he wasn't in the crosswalk, but said he had almost reached the median when the car hit him.

"Then I went flying and people came to help me," he recalled. 

Despite her son's actions, Adcock says that is no excuse for the driver not to wait for police.

"Take responsibility for what you did," she said. "You don't just drive away."

In fact, they said he saw the driver, a woman in a gold 2003 Mercedes E-class. He says she stopped initially.

"She kept driving, then she stopped and she got out of her car to check her car and then once she heard sirens, she drove off," he said. 

The other issue? KC said she has not heard from police or the reporting officer since the day of the accident.

"I've called him everyday," she said. "Friday until today. I called three times yesterday. Twice today. I've yet to hear."

WBTV contacted CMPD Wednesday evening. A spokesperson said the Adcock's case has been assigned to officer in a completely different division and that could be a big part of why she hasn't heard from them. We were also told officers are given a certain amount of days to follow up with the victim.

So far, the driver has not been located and no charges have been filed.

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