Panthers prep for Cowboys

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – The Carolina Panthers took a week off and are back to work, preparing for the Cowboys.

Players spoke about moving forward rather than focusing on the past.

Quarterback, Cam Newton, said the biggest focus is valuing every possession regardless if they're leading or trailing. He went on to say that you never know if it's going to be the play you needed to win.

Coach Ron Rivera touched on that when referencing their past 5 games, saying, "The thing that's disappointing is the things we've left on the field; the opportunities we had to make plays and the opportunities we had to win football games. That's the bottom line. This is a production based business and we've got to produce."

The team faces a big challenge taking on the number 1 ranked defense in the NFL, despite Dallas' deceiving 2-3 record.

Defensive Tackle, Greg Hardy, commented on the hit and miss days in the game referencing Cowboys Quarterback, Tony Romo, "Either you're great, you're bad or you're just one of those guys that if it's that day, you know, you're on, that's the type of player he is. He could come out and have the best game ever against us, pro-bowl it up or he could suck- we just have to be accountable and make things happen on the field."

The Panthers look to get out of the last place tie in the NFC South and improve their record to 2 and 3 at home this Sunday.

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