Students still hungry after school lunch

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Earlier this year the United States Department of Agriculture cut the calorie count for school lunch in a bid to combat childhood obesity.

But many students complained that they weren't getting enough food and were still hungry.

In this YouTube clip, by the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, students appear in a video parody of the national school lunch policy.

At the center of controversy, students say they aren't getting enough food to get them through the day.

"The issue becomes the sport players. And the school lunch is not designed to sustain the athletic department or an athletics child," said Amy Harkey with Child Nutrition Services.

Amy Harkey with Child Nutrition Services says the new menu ensures that the general student population gets a complete meal.

"We do encourage high school students, where most of the complaints are coming from across the country, to have every component possible," said Harkey.

"In high school they can pick up to two fruits and two vegetables a day."

During national school lunch week, the Charlotte Mecklenburg district is doing more to help students understand the new school lunch guidelines.

"The Make a Great Plate shows them and kind of explains what components of the meal they can take to get a complete meal," said Harkey.

They also made posters for the students, clearly showing the new protein, and fruit and two vegetable requirements.

Schools say the confusion and rumors led to students,not realizing they had more food they could take and the posters should help.

They also said the students who participate in sports can purchase extra food in the athletic department.

The school district also updated its Facebook page with the national regulations and requirements for the school lunch program.

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