Speeders at school zone caught on camera

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - That message is loud and clear.

Slow down at the sight of the flashing yellow lights in school zones.

The students at Highland Creek Elementary on Highland Creek Parkway are supposed to be protected by a reduced speed limit.

"That one was going 39."

But not all drivers obey the law right outside the school.

"That one was 37 miles per hour."

"Definitely going too fast to be in front of a school."

Genie Hepler's child attends Highland Creek Elementary.

"I'm petrified because my children would have to cross all four lanes of Highland Creek Parkway," said Genie.

"There have been many times I have taken him to school and people do not obey the speed limit."

Hepler says drivers ignore all road rules.

"The speed limit on Highland Creek Parkway is 35," said Genie.

"And it's very rare that people actually obey that speed zone much less the school zone that cuts down to 25 during certain hours of the day."

Speeding is such a huge problem in the neighborhood school administrators have started sending out reminders to slow down.

"Parents please help us keep our students safe by obeying the posted speed limits on our campus and on Highland Creek Parkway."

The fastest speeder we caught on camera was this car. It's speed was 39 miles per hour.

For Genie, when it comes to student safety, she just drivers to follow the rules.

"There are a lot of children whose lives are stake," said Genie.

"We need to slow down we need to obey the speed limit first of all and really pay attention during those school times."