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HS Football players charged with assault allowed to keep playing


Catawba County School officials say two Bunker Hill High school students who face misdemeanor assault charges can stay in school and keep playing on the football team.

Superintendent Dr. Dan Brigman said the factors involved in the cases mean no school policies were in question and there was nothing in the student code of conduct to prevent the two from continuing their studies or athletics.

18-Year-old Justin Lynch and 17-year-old Lashaun Redmon are accused of misdemeanor assault after an incident at a home in November of last year where another teen said he was beaten and kicked by the pair.

Lynch is charged with a second misdemeanor involving another teen in September. School officials said because the cases are misdemeanors and occurred off campus, there is no provision in the rules for the schools to take action. Brigman said officials are monitoring the situation.

The charges were not the result of a law enforcement investigation but came about after the alleged victims in the cases went to the magistrate to take out charges. "Anyone can go and testify before a magistrate to try to get a warrant," said Sheriff Coy Reid. His investigators, he said on Monday, have not looked into the cases at all. "Our only involvement was to serve the warrants," he said.

Both teenagers have court dates in coming weeks involving the charges.

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