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Kindergartners now graded on Technology

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte - Mecklenburg school (CMS) district is changing the way it grades young students in grades kindergarten to second grade.

The change was made because the state changed the curriculum and has made it more challenging.

Teachers wanted the report cards to reflect the switch in the curriculum. We showed parent Susan Plaza the new report card.  She has two kids in CMS. One in kindergarten and another one in first grade.  Overall she likes the new system but she does have a concern over the fact her little ones will be graded on how well they effectively and ethically use computers.

"I am not a big proponent of anything electronic in the classroom," Plaza said. "To be honest with you at that age level, I try to keep TV's, computers, telephones, I-Phones away from my children."

Students will be graded on how well they can explain how to use technology everyday and if they can use technology to find information. The mother thinks that part of the report card could be done away with.

"I think that it does a disservice at this young age," the mother said. "I think they need to be using their brains, hands and bodies - more so than sitting glued to a computer screen."

CMS administrators say technology is not going away. They believe the earlier you present computer to students, the better.

"It's just part of our society now," Executive Director of Support Services Anna Renfro said. "And I think we have an obligation to show children the opportunity to grow to being proficient in technology, just like we owe it to them to teach them the reading skills and math skills."

The new report cards will be used during CMS students' first grading period. That happens at the end of October.

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