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Minister Farrakhan Celebrates Million Man March in Charlotte

Minister Louis Farrkahan held on to his Quran, and before a nearly packed house at Bojangles Coliseum, he defended the practice of Islam.

" All Muslims live their lives according to the will and law of God," he said.

Outside followers of  Operation Save America attempted to the take the Farrakhan and Nation of Islam to task.

Flip Benham who heads the organization Operation Save America criticized the gathering.

He said, "You can't save yourself by the government. You can't save yourself by Louis Farrakhan, you need to go to Jesus."

Many came to reconnect with the spirit of the 1995  Million Man March.

Dwayne Collins was a participant in the original gathering.

"The more you hear something the more likely, "Collins said." It will be engrained in your psyche and in your spirit."

The first so called Day of Atonement in our nation's capitol17 years ago asked that black men become better fathers and husbands as well as empower their communities.

 On another front, Farrakhan offered advice to the president for this week's debate.

Then you're willing to fight for your vision then next Tuesday come out and fight for what you believe is in the best interest of the country," he said.

In his parting shot, he asked that religions and ethnic groups despite their differences find common ground.

Some found value in the current message as well as his words nearly two decades ago.

John Wall bought into the message.

"We have to be role models and good examples for those who come behind us. So the minister was on point with that," he said.

Every year the Nation of Islam chooses a different city to commemorate the very first Million Man March that actually attracted about a million people to Washington, D.C.

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