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City helping to pay for a Bank of America stadium upgrade?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte city council members recently met behind closed discussing how to help Panthers owner Jerry Richardson give Bank of America stadium a makeover. City Councilman Andy Dulin believes Mayor Anthony Foxx will ask council to fork over money to help with that project.

"Jerry Richardson owns that stadium," Dulin said. "It's my opinion he ought to be able to improve his stadium with his own money."

No word from the mayor and no word from stadium owner about this matter. But Dulin, who owns a Panthers PSL, believes the city helps out the Panthers enough.

"The city is paying Mr. Richardson by having hotels available, by having the roads system available, by having the police and fire folks available to secure that he can get his customers in and out. I think we are coming through with our part of the bargain."

Dulin says he has heard the renovations could cost the city tens of millions of dollars. Reports show stadium officials want escalators and better monitors in the stadium. Taxpayers have mixed reaction.

"It's kind of like you want to see a return on your investment," Panthers Fan Nehemiah Robinson. "So if we are going to put money into it, we want to put it to good use - not to see our team lose."

"The panthers bring a lot to the town," Taxpayer Dawn Harwood said. "And a lot of revenue. It makes it more of a desirable place for business."

No word when or if the Mayor will approach councilman but when that happens Dulin is ready to say No.

"The Panthers are a gem to the community," Dulin said. "But they are a private gem."

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