E. Coli investigation ramps up today with victims interviews

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LIVE: The investigation intensifies today for the Cleveland County Health Department. Now that more than a dozen people are sick with e. Coli the department revealed to us what it plans to do to find the source of the outbreak. We know the common denominator is that the victims attended the Cleveland County Fair. WBTV's Cam Man Ron Lee has a live report. We also talked to the sister of one of the children infected.
This morning people are talking about last night's vice-presidential debate! Vice President Joe Biden and Representative Paul Ryan exchanged barbs on the economy, medicare, social security, healthcare and foreign policy. Who won? We have reaction and also sound from President Obama on how he thought his running mate did after the president himself came off last week's lackluster performance in his debate.
Also, we'll show you images from Mitt Romney's visit to Montreat, N.C. to meet Reverend Billy Graham. We found out what question was asked by a reporter that caused the visit to be cut short!
Do you hear the engines firing?? The Bank of America 500 festivities at Charlotte Motor Speedway are underway. 
WBTV's Astrid Martinez has details on how a local company is coming to a community near you to get people on the right track to find work!
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