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Program to keep guns out of felons' hands working, says CMPD

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Charlotte Mecklenburg Police are making strides in its effort to get guns off the streets and out of the hands of felons.

The Firearms by Felons program launched in May of this year and since then, 1600 calls have come into the hotline. Police have seized 17 guns and arrested 10 convicted felons.

 Katarsha Anderson just moved to Charlotte three weeks ago and is glad to hear about the program.

"That's awesome," she said. "That's great. Make you feel better to go to sleep at night."

You can anonymously if and report if you know a convicted felon has a gun. Give as much information as you can from the person's name, to their location, clothing description and how you know they are a felon.

Deputy Chief Vicki Foster said it's about two things: getting guns off he street and enlisting the community help to make that happen.

"Guns in the wrong the people's hands is not a safe thing for the community so our focus really is to get the guns off the street," she said.

Oh, and you get a cash reward: $500 once police verify the person you call about is indeed a convicted felon.

"That's pretty good if I can get a cash reward for getting a gun off the street," said Shelton Harrison, another Charlotte resident. H

e says he wouldn't hesitate to call.

"Oh I'd call in a minute," said Harrison. "Definitely."

That's exactly the attitude police want folks to have.

Deputy Chief Foster says it's not about snitching, it's about making your neighborhood safer.

"You have to think about you know what would happen if something were to happen and you knew the information and you didn't share that info and now someone was hurt or killed and that you had the info and didn't give it," she said.

There are already several billboards across the city and CMPD said it plans to launch a PSA that will play in all AMC Theatres before movies begin in the next 30 days.

(704) 366-6000 is the hotline number for Firearm by Felon Program.

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