Mecklenburg Board of Elections Bracing for Deadline

In many ways a constant stream of phone inquiries to the Board of Elections may be driving a lengthy and weighty paper trail.

Election supervisor Michael Dickerson has noticed that many of those signing up this fall into the category of those who just walk right in.

"We've hit about 662 thousand registered voters here in Mecklenburg County," Dickerson said.

Workers are handling between 500 and 1000 pieces a day on average, and leading into early voting that starts next week Dickerson wants people to pay attention to the deadlines.

"You can drop it off as long as it is at my office Friday the 12th, we can go on ahead and get you registered and get you in the system, "he said." If it's post marked by Friday I will still accept it up through next week so that's still good."

Registration ends on October 12th. Early voting starts on October 18th.

Dickerson also said that those who are unregistered have the opportunity to register and vote at the same time wherever early voting is allowed.