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Two Project Lift schools backing out of year round schooling?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The idea is for all the nine Project Lift schools to explore a year round school calendar. Those schools are located on the West Side and are struggling academically. The thought is year round schooling would help boost academic achievement. There has been resistance from parents and now administrators are rethinking their plan.

"At the end of the day," Project Lift Executive Director Denise Watts said. "We have to lay every school down and look at them as an independent school and make a decision based on that school, versus whole sale on all schools."

The pushback is coming from parents at Ranson Middle and West Charlotte High school. Parents at Ranson think it is unfair for their children to go to school all year long. Why? Not all students there need the extra learning and all are not graduating to a Project Lift School.

"They have an IB program," Watts said. "And their 8th graders matriculate to three different high schools."

The issue at West Charlotte High school is students are needed on the job and not in class during the summer.

"We have students that work," the executive director said. "And some of their families depend on that summer income."

Other parents understand how year round schooling could be a hardship, but they still want what's best for their children.

"Everyone is not in the same situation," West Charlotte HS parent She McClurkin said. "As a whole I can see where that can be, but let's not take the opportunity of those who want to go and are able to go."

Parents are still weighing in on the idea through weekly meetings. Administrators could come up with a compromise. Students from Ranson Middle and West Charlotte high school could have the option to participate or not participate in year round schooling.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg school (CMS) board is expected to make a decision by the end of the year.

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