Warning about counterfeit airbags connected to local raid

Good sunny Wednesday afternoon.  Maureen O'Boyle here inside the WBTV newsroom, I hope you're enjoying this change in our weather.

We're following some really important stories on WBTV News at 5:00. We have a warning for drivers about the potential of counterfeit air bags.  We'll tell you who needs to be concerned and how this is connected to a raid here in our area.

The day after a local man was pulled from a Boston river bound by chains; there are so many unanswered questions.  Our reporter Steve Crump is going over the information investigators released.  We'll have an update on the death of 23 year old Jonathan Dailey tonight at 5:00.

Parents across the country are watching with great concern a search underway in Colorado.  A 10 year old girl vanished on her walk to school.  Right now there is concern this case may be connected to another child abduction in Wyoming.

Local bank Wells Fargo is facing a lawsuit from the federal government tonight over its mortgages.  Prosecutors accuse the bank of lying about the quality of its mortgages connected to a federal housing program.  Our Melissa Hankins is combing through the lawsuit and looking at its potential impact on our area.

Eric is on deck with a look ahead to the weekend, fingers crossed the First Alert Forecast is a repeat of today! I hope you'll join me and the entire WBTV news team for these stories and your best breaking news coverage, starting at 5:00.