Boil water advisory in Boone lifted, no safety issues discovered

The Town of Boone Public Utilities and Engineering Department says people no longer need to boil water before using it.

In a statement, the utilities department said, "...Water Plant staff has completed testing throughout the system and have not discovered any safety concerns.  It has now been verified that the Town water system is safe and no longer needs to be boiled."

People in parts of Boone were advised to boil water after a water main break Tuesday afternoon.

Students at Hardin Park and Watauga High School were dismissed from school at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday. A statement on the WHS website said the dismissal was "...due to water problems with the Town of Boone water supply." The afterschool program at Hardin Park was also closed for the day.

A utility crew patched up the pipe Tuesday. Officials say full water service was restored at about 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, but many customers are being asked to boil their water for one minute to avoid consuming harmful bacteria. Again, that advisory is no longer in effect.

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