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Coyote sightings in Meck. Co down eight months after tracking started


The number of coyotes sighting in Mecklenburg county is down. The city's natural resources department released the latest data Tuesday.

The department launched a website in February that allowed residents to reported a sighting anywhere in the county.

Since February there have been 1,105 reported sightings. But 80 percent of those, which is about 800 sightings, were recorded between February and April.

Casey Dunigan, who lives near Plaza Midwood, spotted a coyote near his fenced in backyard Sunday night.

"I'm ok seeing a coyote run around but this was actually looked like it was stalking or hunting so that was kind of disturbing," he called.

Dunigan had heard of sightings, but had never seen one himself. He and his wife have two dog, one of which is a puppy. He's concerned for their safety as well.

"It kind of walked back and forth across the tree line and then it just sat down and started staring at us," he said.

WBTV has also learned the areas of the cities were sightings have been the most prevalent. University City, Plaza Midwood and the Cotswold areas round out the top three.

The department also said its waiting waiting on monies from the state to launch a full scale population study where they'll track the animals using GPS collars.

But Dunigan wonders if that is the best way to deal with the issue.

"You know a thousand reported cases of coyotes means there's a couple coyotes out there," he said. "If animal control could trap and remove the coyotes versus just reporting on them because people have been seeing them."

Once they have received the money, they plan to partner with North Carolina State University. The study will be the first of its kind in an urban area.

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