Charlotte man still missing in Boston

Good afternoon, Maureen O'Boyle here from the WBTV newsroom where we're getting ready for your news at 5:00.

We're following late breaking details in the search for a missing Charlotte man who is attending college in Boston.  Sources tell us a body found in a river closely resembles the description of missing Jonathan Dailey. We're talking with investigators about where their latest leads are taking them, and what's happening right now in Boston.

We've discovered there are more cases of e-coli in our area, bringing the number to three so far.  All three kids went to the Cleveland County fair.  At last check one child was in intensive care in very serious condition.

The gates at Charlotte Motor Speedway don't open until tomorrow but that hasn't stopped one fan who is anxious to get in.  Kristen Hampton brings us the story at 5:00.

And when will we see the sun again?  Eric Thomas is on deck with your best look at what to expect in your First Alert Forecast.

I hope you'll join us for those stories and much more starting at 5:00.