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WBTV Speak Out Editorial: "Disrespected" Youths

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What has happened to our children?

How have some of them become so calloused, and at the same time so overly-sensitive?

So indifferent to the value of life that they could allegedly beat and shoot to death a 17-year-old young man for some perceived "disrespect"?

By all accounts, Kydaryune Curry – "K.C." to his friends – was a well-liked, smart and fun-loving teen.

But because he had some sort of small argument with one of his alleged assailants, K.C. was gunned down just as his life was really beginning.

We grieve for him and his family.

But we also grieve for a segment of our society whose identity – whose sense of self – can be threatened by a minor disagreement.

It's been said that "respect" is all some young men, and sometimes women, have to cling to.

Unfortunately, they have no idea what that word really means.

So, it's up to us to teach them.

The Charlotte organization Men Who Care Global is trying.

They mentor disaffected youth.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters also strives to provide positive role modelsWe all need to be involved.

But it's up to the kids, as well.

Listen: If you want to be respected, you really want to be a man, then show respect to others.

And for Heaven's sake, don't take a life just because you think you've been "dissed."

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