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Music store counting down the days

Musical notes have been constant at one Charlotte business for more than three quarters of a century.

Owner, Lee Northcutt knows the spirituals, but these days his business is facing a chorus of the blues.

"We had choral people selling choral music. Band directors selling band music. Piano teachers selling piano music," he said.

This piece and place of old Charlotte along Commonwealth Avenue will soon be reduced to nothing more than a memory.

The Brodt Music company opened up during the great depression in 1934.

Blame the closing on the latest recession, and modern day technology.

 "Mainly due to the Internet,"Northcutt said. "People having access to publishers directly. Downloads for free."

Deep discounts are one thing, but what brought in Judy Litterst in for  the final days was the selection and history.

She's visiting from Rockford Illinois and has been coming for decades.

"This was 20 years ago, and there was a piece of music from the depression that was five cents. It was still five cents. And nobody else would do that," Litterst said.

Found in the stacks is such a range of material from children's songs to the Rolling Stones.

Back in 1991, Lee Northcutt bought the business from the original owners

"We hold our head high that we've been here for 78 years, and it's been a good ride,"he said.

A closing date has not yet been announced.

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