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Funeral home directors from around the nation meet in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Outside the Convention Center, women dressed as flowers greeted people walking in the doors.

They weren't dressed as just any kind of flower. They were sympathy flowers and the ladies got quite a few chuckles. It's the reaction they wanted for the start of the National Funeral Home Directors Convention.

Inside the convention hall, hundreds of vendors set up to demonstrate products ranging from memorial wristbands to wicker caskets.

Several vendors were part of the effort to be eco-friendly. "Going green is becoming a viable choice across the country because funeral directors have access to products," said Kurt Soffe, a funeral home director and owner in Utah.

Vendors also offered caskets made of unvarnished wood and no hardware. Even the inside materials are natural and biodegradable.

Another big trend is the popularity of personalized products. Funeral Director JB Rhodes, III told WBTV he wanted to see items that would make his business standout from the competition.

Memory books, biographies, and even blankets with a loved one's picture are growing in popularity.

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