School Zone Report: Grammy-nominated songwriter working with CMS students

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - He's a Grammy nominated song writer who has written songs for Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney. Now he is teaming up with about 120 CMS students. His mission is to have students use their creativity to tackle some hard subjects they deal with sadly on a daily basis.

Steve Seskin stopped by Ranson IB Middle school to give students a different type of assignment last week. Saskin asked them to write a song. He spends his time through the program No Easy Walk. Saskin travels to different schools helping students create songs that address bullying, peer pressure, self esteem and other sensitive areas. Students say it's needed.

"Almost everyday kids get bullied and I don't think that's good," says Concession Williams, a 6th grader at Ransom IB.

Students and Seskin say this lesson could make the difference.

"It teaches 6th graders that they don't have to be afraid of middle school and to achieve their everyday goal. We remember music pretty easily more easily than we remember an hour long talk somebody gives," Seskin says.

This song with be Ranson's theme song this year.

"It's going to motivate my attitude," one student said.

Seskin adds, "That one minute of no easy walk no easy walk it takes faith and hard work to get where you want to be that is a reminder."

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