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Tailgaters kicked out, demand answers from parking service


Tailgating is a Sunday tradition near Bank of America stadium. A few drinks and a little music but  some diehard Panthers fans just found out they are no longer welcome.

"We were told that we were not wanted here," said Jay Featherson, who said they were kicked out after years of tailgating at the lot on the corner of Fourth and South Mint streets.

"We were like, 'wow'," he recalled. "We've been here for five plus years, never had any problems. We pick up all our trash."

The reason, Featherson says? "They wanted a more family-oriented parking lot," he said.

The other issue? The music they play which Featherson says is not explicit or vulgar.

"We play radio-edited music," he said. "And we play a little bit for everybody. We play country, we play house, we play techno, top 40."

WBTV contacted Preferred Parking and the general manager told us this group isn't being targeted.

In fact, they've over hauled their guidelines and say anyone who wants to tailgate in their lots will have to follow some new rules.

Ben Sands, general manager of Preferred Parking Service, told WBTV "Anything that detracts from our ability to perform our core business with not be tolerated. That includes large-scale tailgates and block parties which should be coordinated through our office advance."

The new guidelines also mandate, tailgaters can only use the spots you pay for, no more DJs and nothing that blocks people from getting in and out of the lots.

"We're kind of disappointed," said Featherson. "We have a huge game coming up with the Seattle Seahawks and we were looking to support our Carolina Panthers."

Now they're not sure where they'll be come Sunday.

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