Is supply driving up cost for this fall must have?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Welcome fall and with it comes a high demand for pumpkins and pumpkin products.

"We have about 10 thousand people that come here in October and buy pumpkins," said Hodges Farm Pumpkin Patch Manager Hillary Helms.

Pumpkins are one of the biggest culinary crazes during the month of October.

"They can be used for pumpkin soups, pumpkin pie any kind of flavorful thing that you would cook with pumpkins," said Helms.

And we went to local growers with 300 years of experience harvesting the season's most coveted vegetable to find out how they feed the high demand.

"We have to time it perfectly so that the pumpkins are perfectly ripe for the first of October," said Helms.

Helms started planting since early last year.

And their patches are plentiful!

"The weather was almost perfect this year," said Helms.

So we did really well and we have plenty of pumpkins."

Which means consumers will have a nice supply of pumpkins to choose from.

But will supply meet the high demand so as not to spook buyers this Halloween season when it comes to spending.

"Our prices will stay the same," said Helms.

"They've been the same for years."

And whatever supply is left over definitely won't go to waste on this Charlotte farm.

"Anything that is cracked or any pumpkin that is not for selling, that doesn't look as good as the rest of them, we give to the pigs and they love to eat them," said Helms.

And you can also make an awesome jack-o-lantern with it.

Hodges farm is open every single day for the month of October despite Google saying it's closed on weekends.

They say when choosing a pumpkin pick one with a hearty stem and hard shell.

Pumpkins can last up to six months if stored properly at a temperature range of 40-60 degrees.

Don't ever take your pumpkin and set it on the gravel.

As soon as you prick the skin, that could be the end of your pumpkin.