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"Taste of Freemore" aims to attract more to the Westside


There's a renaissance happening on the westside of Charlotte and organizers are hoping an upcoming event will change how the city views its west side.

The inaugural "Taste of Freemore" is happening this weekend at the corner of Freedom Drive and Morehead Streets.

Organized by businesses and neighbors who live along the Freedom Drive and Morehead Street corridor on the city's west side, it's more than opportunity to sample tasty food and hear great music.

It's a chance to introduce folks to a different view of the west side.

Just ask Lisa Moore, one of the co-owners of Savor Cafe on Morehead.

"I know if they taste our banana pudding, if they taste our jambalaya, they're going to come in the restaurant but I need to get them down here to do there," she said. "Even after 3 years, we still meet people everyday that have never heard of us."

Moore is hoping this "Taste of Freemore" will change that.

She's not the only one.

Julianne McCollum, one of the event's organizers, is hoping it will give them city-wide exposure which is key so the revitalization can continue.

"I think is going to be a great springboard to show how much positive energy is in this area and spur further revitalization with new businesses coming in," she said. 

And in the past couple of years, business has been booming.

"Pinky's, Savor, Picante, The Burger Company," as she ticked off the number of new restaurants. "I mean we've established a great new corridor for restaurants."

A corridor that historically has struggled because most the west side has mostly been viewed through a negative lens rife with crime.

But Pinky's Westside Grill owner Greg Auten, is adamant that's not the case anymore.

 "Once people do come over, they go 'wow, we didn't know this other place was here or this other place was here'."

"Taste of Freemore" will be held Saturday in the parking lot next to the Burger Company at the corner of Freedom Drive and Morehead Street. It runs for 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.

The band, the Blue Dogs will be playing and you can also sample local beers.

Admission is free but prices of the food range from $1-$5.

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