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US Airways listed as one of best companies for minorities


Dalia Ballester's promotion to Director of Passenger Service at US Airways is a major milestone in her life.

Ballester started out at US Airways as a sales agent.

"I have held eight different positions in this 13 year career that I've held with the company," said Ballester.

She now oversees over 600 employees.

"We're responsible for all the employees who are at the ticket counter at the gates and our baggage service office," said Ballester.

What's the secret to her success beside her hard work?

"You need the diversity of all kinds of people to be able to deal with the uniqueness of each of the customers from all over the world," said Ball esters.

And she definitely brings that to the table.

Ballester was born in Brooklyn New York after her parents migrated to the borough from Puerto Rico.

"I've been encouraged to bring my diversity my background, my family background, my history and my culture to the table and I'm allowed to use that," added Ballester.

US Airways was recently named by Latina Style magazine one of the 50 best U.S. companies for Hispanic women to work for.

But Ballester says the organization is for everyone.

"One thing that I find really unique and great about our organization is that we don't label people," said Ballester. 

"So in organization and a business where it's predominately male run and as a female and a Hispanic I don't feel that ever held me back."

And that's just one of the reasons she's stayed so long with the company.

"Everyone always desires to work for the airline because you do get to travel the world," said Ballester.

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