Kidnapped North Carolina girl back home with father

Hello! It's Wednesday, October 3. This is Christine Nelson at my desk this hour sending you an email on the stories making headlines on this mid-week. Tune in to WBTV News This Morning right now! We're on until 7 a.m.

We got late word overnight the North Carolina girl, who police say was kidnapped by a sex offender, is back home safe with her family. You may remember her father talked exclusively with WBTV days after her kidnapping and was "disgusted" by the thought of the 38-year-old suspect taking his 12-year-old all the way to Florida. We'll have the latest on what the hold up is now bringing the suspect back to North Carolina to face charges.

Also this morning Vice President Joe Biden's gaffe while in the national spotlight here in Charlotte is still being talked about! Republicans are getting all over the statement he made about the middle class being "buried." We'll let you hear how Biden's speech was quickly revised at his next campaign stop.

Plus it's not only the presidential candidates taking the stage in a big debate tonight. Candidates for one of North Carolina's top elected positions will also be going head-to-head and you can see it live on WBTV tonight.

Our Astrid Martinez also had a new, local story about a major airline in Charlotte getting high marks for its hiring, and how local women are benefiting.

See you on the air!