Small business owners worried about the economy

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It is difficult to get some time with local business owner Phil Rice.

The 25 year old is busy building himself what promises to be a pretty decent future.

"We purchased the store on South Boulevard, the store in uptown and I have a contract to build eight more," said Phil Rice.

During tough economic times, Rice built four Einstein Bagel restaurants in Charlotte employing around 100 locals.

"It's 12 hour days; you just have to be on top of everybody," said Rice.

Like many other local business owners, Rice is helping create jobs but he's at the mercy of the local economy.

"If you want to build a store it's about a half a million bucks," said Rice.

"It's extremely hard to get a loan to build anything let alone a restaurant."

Rice says he's undecided about who he's voting for in the presidential election.

A lot of his decision will hinge on who he feels can best improve the economy.

Right now, he says that's a toss-up.

In other words, Rice a part of that block of undecided voters who both presidential candidates are focusing on and who will determine who wins the election.

"I'm still young and hopefully five or ten years from now I won't have to work as hard," said Rice.

The small business owner vote is still very much up for grabs.

The George Washington University survey says 28% percent of business owners aren't sure who the better small business candidate is.

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