Dozens attend vigil for teen murdered over 'disrespect'

With candles lit and arms raised, dozens of friends, family members and neighbors remembered a murdered teen Monday night.

In the two weeks since Kydaryune "KC" Curry's murder, classmates like Salem Cuthbertson say it's been tough without him.

"It's really hard you know having that empty chair in class," she said. ..

Police say KC was gunned down in a drive-by shooting by a group of teens who felt he had "disrespected" them in front of girl.

As folks took to the stage one by one Monday to remember the vibrant, smart and fun-loving teen, there was one thing they referred to over and over again.

"He always had a smile on his face, gave everybody hugs," said Katie Polito, another classmate.

She saw KC the weekend before his murder and says she's determined to remember the good times despite the gaping hole his death has left in the hearts of so many.

"You walk through the hall and you know there's something missing with so few people there," said Polito. "It was like a family. It was like losing a brother."

It's the same feeling Julian Jant, a close friend, has. Ask him what he'll remember best about his friend and he points to passion for living.

"He just loved life to the fullest, lived it to the fullest and he just wanted to succeed in life,' he said.

While his mother Benita now knows that's a goal her son will never reach she takes some comfort in knowing the many lives KC touched while he was here.

"You know as parents we always ask ourselves the question, am I doing a good job," she asked the crowd. "Well all of you all have answered. I guess I did a pretty good job.""

She also told the crowd," I'm blessed to have been the first one to hold him when he came into the world and even more blessed to be the last one to hold him. A lot of parents don't have that opportunity.

Five teenagers including a 16 year old have been arrested and charged with KC's murder.

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