Falcons TE Gonzalez paves the way for others

Charlotte, NC - (WBTV)

The Carolina Panthers are getting ready to face an Atlanta Falcons team with a lot of weapons.

From the quarterback, to the wide receivers, running back, and on down to the tight end... veteran Tony Gonzalez. At 36 years old, he still finds a way to be a threat.

The future Hall of Famer currently leads all tight ends in the league, in receiving yards this season.

His ability to run fast, block, and score has helped pave the way for other receiving threats like Panthers tight end Greg Olsen.

Olsen on Gonzalez: "there are more tight ends in the league than ever. Tight ends can be a great asset to a team, it puts a lot of stress on the defense. It's becoming the tight end era."

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera on Gonzalez: "He finds a way to get open, he finds the creases, and he keeps you away from the ball. If he wants to retire, its because he's tired, we'll find out defiantly at the end of the season."